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Replacing Multiple Teeth

Replacing Multiple Teeth | Orange County Dental Implant Center

A three-tooth bridge using two dental implants.

Implant-Supported Bridge

One treatment option for several missing teeth is to replace each with an individual dental implant. However, a common and more economical option is to replace them with implant-supported bridges.

Implant-supported bridges use implants with crowns to anchor and support porcelain prosthetic teeth between them. For example, three missing teeth can be replaced with two dental implants and one false tooth, making a three-tooth bridge. Five missing teeth can be replaced with three dental implants and two false teeth, making a five-tooth bridge.

Implant-supported bridges, like all dental bridges, are permanently fixed in place.

Partial dentures

In the past, the only real alternative to replacing several missing teeth in a row was the use of a partial denture. A partial denture has many drawbacks, including the fear of the denture slipping out or that the wires will be visible. Functionally, a partial denture is harder to chew with, does not prevent bone loss and can be uncomfortable to wear.

Implant-supported partial denture

Better than a conventional partial denture, an implant-supported partial denture uses a few select implants placed in strategic locations. The more implants used, the greater the stability and support. The partial denture is fastened to the dental implants giving it added strength and stability. This eliminates the need for clasps and reduces the display of metal parts on the denture. The use of implants also helps to prevent bone loss which occurs when there are no tooth roots keeping the jaw bone stimulated.

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